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Corporate Benefits of WALK-i-TASK

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Here's How Your Company Can Benefit From WALK-i-TASK

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The corporate world has changed. Not only impacting how we work, but where we work. One thing that persists is that employees want employers to value their mental and physical health.

Employers are trying to find new ways to meet these demands, knowing that unhealthy employees lead to higher healthcare costs, absenteeism, and lower productivity. As working from home is becoming the new normal, more companies are turning to WALK-i-TASK to help their bottom line.

WALK-i-TASK is a resource that all corporations should offer their employees because it makes exercise not only productive, but fun as well. Studies show that when exercise is an enjoyable activity it’s more likely to be incorporated into a daily routine.

WALK-i-TASK helps your employees become healthier, which increases productivity while reducing company healthcare costs and turnover. Leadership knows that when turnover is high it leads to a lengthy and costly recruitment process. All of these elements impact the growth and profitability of your company.

With the addition of WALK-i-TASK, your employees will experience all of the incredible benefits of walking and working simultaneously. Whether it’s answering emails and leading team meetings during the workday, or streaming shows and searching the internet in the evening, the advantages are endless.

Allow WALK-i-TASK to create a win-win situation for both you and your employees.

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